Relax and Let the Anxiety fad Away with April Coloring

It seems that coloring books have been around for ages, but the concept of adults doing them to relieve stress is a fairly new one. With this being widely accepted, there is no wonder that there are so many coloring book apps on Android. However, there is a short list if you are only interested on the very best coloring book apps for Android!

If you also have in mind a calming activity like coloring, if your wish is to relive stress and anxiety, then April Coloring is one of those special paint by numbers apps available for free on the Play Store at the moment. And if you’ve ever enjoyed coloring as a child, then you will definitely fall in love with April!

I strongly believe that this is one of the most popular adult coloring apps available in the market today. It features beautiful pictures (I am talking about highly detailed professional pictures to let you be creative), as well as gorgeous colors. With more than 120 illustrations, time-lapse after finished painting and fresh daily content, you will love every single second while using it.

Its special leveling system for unlocking new content is perfect to keep you motivated (yes, the app comes with a pretty unique experience system allowing you to unlock more pictures as you progress), no matter if you are at home or on your way to work. After all, you can play it anywhere and anywhere and it is also incredibly easy to save your work which you can later share with your friends and family members.

This is why among all those useful adult coloring apps, April Coloring is my top recommendation. With this Android app, you will enjoy high quality artwork and the overall experience is much more pleasant than anticipated.

You can also enjoy the relaxing painting experience while letting the anxiety fading away. So, grab April Coloring right away and you will see by yourself why this is one of the popular adult coloring apps available for Android.

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