Enjoy LG V30’s Floating Bar Feature on any Android Device

LG’s G series has been the company’s main flagship smartphone for years now and I am making no mistake if I call it a success. Surprisingly, LG V30 is also a quite popular device and there is something spectacular about it. I am talking about a software feature now officially known as the Floating Bar.

As you can already imagine from its name, the floating bar is an always on screen bar that can be dragged off of the screen or disabled entirely, containing shortcuts to the apps that you use the most or system toggles. This is basically some sort of a replacement for the secondary display that LG had on previous models and I bet that you are at least a bit curious about it.

Am I making a mistake by saying that? It doesn’t replace all of the features that people used the secondary display for, but it does do a good job at offering the user quick access to a number of shortcuts. For those who like the idea of this feature but don’t want to buy an LG V30, let me tell you that you can now enjoy LG V30’s Floating Bar feature on your Android device with the help of a special app. Well, I am talking about an app known as Floating Bar LG V30 which replicates this on any Android 4.4+ device and can easily give you quick access to favourite apps, tools, website and quick dial your friends and family.

With the help of this app, you can add up to 4 shortcut categories (application, tool, contact, website link) and no less than 5 shortcuts for each category, you have the chance to enable/disable each category separately, not to mention that it allows you to move the floating bar around the screen (only movable when the bar in collapsed mode).

Other than, that you can swipe left and right on floating bar to iterate through categories, not to mention the Auto collapse shortcut bar when click outside the bar.

Don’t you want all these? If you do, then download Floating Bar LG V30 via this Google Play Store link.

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