Sleep Genius for Android can help you sleep better

There are many people out there suffering from some kind of sleeping disorder and if you are one of them, it’s clear that you need some help. As a result of a research designed to help NASA astronauts snooze, Sleep Genius can be the Android app that you are looking for as well. Yes, an app might help you this time.

Neurosensory algorithms are put to work to help your brain get ready for sleep, guide it through each stage in the sleep cycle, and finally wake you with the best alarm and Sleep Genius is ready to offer you all in one attractive package. And don’t forget that White Noise can be a danger to your health, so stop using waterfalls or nature sounds or plain white noise as you sleep.

Some might say that this is nothing more than marketing, but others enjoy it like no other app of its kind, so why not giving it a try as well? The app is free, but note that you must pay $5 upgrade I order to enjoy some advanced features of the app such as three different revive cycle alarms, sleep tracking/reporting, personalized feedback and much more.

However, my advice is to install the free version, try it on and only after that decide if it’s what you need or if you want to get the best out of it.

Use Sleep Genius for Android:

  1. Take the Sleep Genius from here;
  2. Install it onto your Android phone or tablet;
  3. Note that the app can both track and treat some of the sleep problems that you are experiencing. You get a personalized sleep experience offering sleep assessment, monitoring, as well as audio technology to help you go to sleep faster and enjoy the best quality of sleep possible at the moment:
  4. For example, the Relaxation Program is what you need in case of being stressed. The Sleep Genius relaxation program was scientifically created against stress and anxiety before bed by calming both the mind and body. Just give it a try;
  5. What about the Power Nap feature? A power nap is essential if you feel that there’s no energy left for the rest of the day and this app is ready to help you once again. The power nap feature provides the right amount of light sleep needed to recharge your mind and then, at the end of power nap, a gentle alarm gradually wakes you up;
  6. The app also provides personalized sleep report measuring your Sleep Quantity, Sleep Quality, Sleep Schedule, as well as Sleep Efficiency. The data can be used to monitor progress and change your currently unhealthy sleep habits;
  7. Don’t you get on well with your current alarm clocks? Sleep Genius can awaken you with a subtle 5 minute revive cycle scientifically created to help you be relaxed and prevent the sudden waking. The progressive alarm lets you wake from any sleep stage with periodic sound cycles, so your brain will learn a new wake rhythm, allowing you feel refreshed and ready for a new day.

The app is very easy to use too, so give it a try too! Sleep Genious can actually improve your sleep experience!