Android Big Launcher is Great for Those with Poorer Eyesight

Android is a resourceful part of our life, so who not getting the best out of it? Today I want to remind you that this OS also includes certain applications that help visually impaired and blind people in functioning each day. Are you looking for an Android launcher for those with poorer eyesight too? Be sure that I have the answer to your searches!

Big Launcher is one of the best choices out there and I am not the only one saying that. I know that I am not wrong as long as the home screen includes large, high contrast icons and fast access to all used features such as the date, time, phone, camera, photos, and even a programmable emergency button referred to as “SOS.” This SOS button calls or sends pre-determined text messages in case of emergency and even if you hope that’s not the case, it’s better to be prepared for anything.

The app also provides quickly access favorite contacts from the menu or by putting them directly on a home screen. Like that you can browse through the call history and easily call back or reply with a message. Even more, I like the fact that all SMS messages are sorted by conversations. Large font and color coding are both used to display the message thread and reply with the help of the provided SMS editor.

Do you also want big shortcuts for your favorite applications or find them quickly in the app list with instant search? Recently used apps are at the top of the list, so Big Launcher knows exactly what you want and don’t forget that shortcuts like web bookmarks can also be placed on the home screen. Even more, you can always hide the apps you don’t want to use to keep things in order and to avoid the situation of being confused.

All these are the ingredients for maximum readability and easy use, so what are you waiting for? Two versions of Big Launcher are listed in the Google Play Store. The paid version is simply called BIG Launcher and costs $10 on Google Play, but you can get the free demo version too, so don’t hesitate to enter here and take it. This one can offer you a similar general experience of the paid version, but you can only imagine that it has a few limitations, including no more than five additional screen themes or a limit of five recent items displayed in the calling log.

And no less important, keep in mind that seniors have had fewer opportunities to become acquainted with smartphone technology than the other younger generations, but they still need some of the essential tasks available on the smartphone, so this app could be an ideal help for them too.