How to Use FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy on your Android Device

As you probably know, there are various free applications that you can install on your Android device in order to use VPN services, so I bet that you are a little bit confused. What should you choose from so many applications available on the Google Play Store that provide VPN services? Here I am to help you with a suggestion, so don’t hesitate to continue reading.

As you can see, I am talking about FlashVPN as being what you are looking for. In this case, I am referring to a simple UI with a single button that can easily connect you to a VPN server. Everything works really simple: there is no login necessary, but all you have to do is to open the application and tap the connect button. Along with the Connect button, you can find a drop down menu which gives you the possibility to select a different server based on location or the fastest on, so what could be easier than that?

FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy has a variety of features that you should know about such as:

  • One-click to connect, with no configuration needed;
  • Premium bandwidth with absolutely no connection time limitation;
  • Do not hesitate to connect to fastest VPN server with simple One-click;
  • The VPN servers are deployed on various locations: in the United States, England, as well as in Japan;
  • The app can easily unblock geographically restricted websites including Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and not only;
  • Even more, there is no connection time limitation to worry about;
  • However, I want to warn you about the fact that this app supports ads, but they can be removed by buying the premium the version if you want a change.

What do you think? Could this be what you are looking for? The app can be taken from here, so let me know if you like using it or not.

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