Top 3 Android Parental-Control Apps

Parents looking to retain some control over a child’s Android phone should definitely keep on reading this. Is your child prone to look at inappropriate content, make the wrong friends and quit classes, play time-consuming games for hours, or access malicious apps on their Android devices?

There are various app that keep kids safe from viewing inappropriate Web content and will let the parents be the ones who take the most important decisions.

Yes, these apps will allow any parent to see absolutely every move a child makes with the phone he owns. You can view all communications, see where the children are, what they’re doing, set up alerts to warn you if they do something wrong or go somewhere they aren’t supposed to.

Find the Best Parental-Control Apps:


Are you worried about your child? Then, you would do well to turn to this app known as Phone Sheriff which lets you choose which websites and applications to block, set time limits for cell phone usage and encourage your kids to limit the time they spend on their mobile devices, see all texts your child has sent or received and more.

Even more, you get blocking and whitelisting features that approve or block communication as needed. And the app automatically alerts you by reporting profanity or abusive behavior. It also comes with an emergency button, which sends you an emergency alert with the phone’s precise GPS location, so giving it a try is a must.

Find out more about it from here.

My Mobile Watchdog

My Mobile Watchdog smartly focuses on core activities: time of use, primary texting buddies, calls, websites visited and usage breakdown. Yu also have the possibility to temporarily block an approved app and another major advantage of this app is the text monitoring.

My Mobile Watchdog

My Mobile Watchdog

As a parent, you have the chance to set up an email alert for when your child receives a call or text from a new or nonauthorized contact. You can also be alerted when your child sends or receives a texted image (MMS) and you can even see whatever picture your child sent or received via text.

My Mobile Watchdog can monitor multiple devices – I am referring to up to five handsets at the $45/year price point, but note that location features are not the best. The app doesn’t offer geofencing capabilities, and it can’t monitor your child’s social media activity, but the decision is all yours. I am sure that not all parents want that, so here is where you can take the app from!

Net Nanny

This is one of the best apps out there as it masks profanity, blocks inappropriate sites and images, and gives you the option of warning your child about a site’s content instead of blocking it entirely. Reviewing and blocking apps is possible, but if you ever decide that this is no longer the case, then temporarily unblock an app for a set period of time.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny

This is great for parents who simply want to know more about their kids and to be honest, I don’t think you could find a better app that only costs $13 a year, so take it by entering here.

All these apps are child-centric, that’s for sure, but this doesn’t change that every parent will need to find the perfect balance when using them. Don’t forget about privacy or that your goal is to turn these kids into responsible adults.