How to Enjoy Amazon Underground and free Android apps

Are you tired of paid Android apps all over the popular Google Play? This happens in the case of those complex apps having too many features. Be sure of the fact that they are the result of a hard work conducted by developers who do their best to create them. In such cases, it’s only natural for them to charge some money to invest in their work.

However, sometimes changes are benefic or maybe you simply want to try some Android paid apps for free before buying them. In such cases, I know that you must have heard of the Amazon app store. Earlier it used to provide one paid app for free every day. Now that service is not available anymore but instead of that, you can enjoy Amazon Underground. Why should you give it a try? Not only that this is your chance to enjoy access to a massive amount of paid apps for free, but Amazon Underground even makes some in-app purchases available at no additional cost.

Developers still make money as long as Amazon Underground uses a very different payment strategy than it has been conventionally used by the other Android smartphone and tablet app providers. To be more precise, Amazon Underground lets you use the apps for free and pays the developers based on how many minutes you use a certain app.

When this happens, the app developers are encouraged to make apps that are more and more appealing, while users tend to go back and want to explore more every time. As for the in-app purchase that I have told you about, this is an amazing chance for all mobile gamers. This is the best way to forget all about waiting around for 24 hours for more playtime to arrive, but they can “purchase” as many in-app benefits as they want without paying a penny.

However, I don’t have great news for all of you. Amazon Underground is only available in the USA at the moment of writing this article, but maybe things will change. You can never know that!

How to Enjoy Amazon Underground:

  1. If you can enjoy it, do that now by accessing this direct link;
  2. Tap Install when prompted;
  3. Then, hit the Open option in order to launch the Amazon Underground App;
  4. Use the Menu on the left and select Apps & Games. You will be surprised to see what it waiting for you there!

Note that this guide has nothing to do with app piracy. I know that it might seem an attractive option to download from a third party and sideload the app that you dream of for a very long time, but there are both security and legal reasons why you should not take in consideration such a choice. You can be sure of the fact that such an option is nothing more than a trap and you risk the safety of your data if not much more than that!

Are you willing to take such risks or give a try to Amazon Underground?