Boost your Phone with Systweak Android Cleaner

Don’t you tell me that you have never heard of Systweak Android Cleaner. Well, let me assure you of the fact that this can be the ideal solution If your Android phone is running slow. Systweak Android Cleaner is a battery saver, app cache and temp files cleaner, as well as speed booster app made to do the impossible.

To be more precise, with the help of the app you can free up space to store more pictures, videos, and music, you can manage apps, boost your device’s overall performance, backup important content on a cloud server and even drastically improve the handset’s battery life.

So, be sure of the fact that Systweak Android Cleaner is not just another app that aims to speed up your device, but it actually does that and it provides even more.

I truly believe in the potential of its battery saving feature as long as I’ve tested it on my own handset and so should you. Here’s what you must do:

Boost your Phone with Systweak Android Cleaner:

  1. Grab the app by entering here;
  2. Install it and launch it;
  3. Now, you must just tap on the Phone Boost option. This function frees up RAM space with just a touch;
  4. Just beneath Phone Boost, you can find no less than four other functionalities that you will find more than useful; I am talking about:
  5. Junk Files: this section offers a very simple method for cleaning redundant data, such as logs and browsing history. Don’t worry about a thing as you don’t have to do this manually – the app scans for junk files so that you can remove them with a single tap;
  6. Storage Manager: This categorizes the ‘types of files’ you have on your phone including your photos, audios, videos, documents, files that are shared via chats, and even downloads. Each type shows a number files that you can do without. Auto-select or simply pick the ones you would actually want to delete;
  7. Battery Saver: I know what a sensitive subject this is, so don’t hesitate to use this special function! Just turn it on and this will increase the battery life of your phone, not to mention that it provides information about the background functionalities that eat up your battery’s juice so fast;
  8. App Manager: this is the function which shows the amount of storage taken up by a certain app and the option to uninstall it. Even more, it doesn’t forget about those unused apps from your Android device that shouldn’t be there any longer and there is also an ‘ignore list’ that lets you unmark all the apps that you don’t want to scan;
  9. For those interested in backing up their phone, Systweak also comes with a serious cloud backup app;
  10. As for the ‘auto-cleaning alarm’, this one lets you set a time frame after which you would want your device to be optimized on its own.

What’s more, the app supports seven languages other than English and it it’s both fast and reliable. So, you can use it to uninstall apps and remove junk files from your device, but also to back up your data.

Systweak is one of the best ways of getting back some storage while also giving your device a quick boost, so give it a try!