Galaxy S9: How to Choose your own Aperture

You have seen that Samsung packs a ton of features into their flagship devices and your Galaxy S9 is just another example for that. This can be a compelling reason to buy the company’s smartphone, but also a bit intimidating for new users trying to find out more, locate the available settings and learn how to use them. Is this happening to you too?

The dual-aperture camera (which lets the phone better control how much light it captures) can be seen as the highlight of the S9’s changes, yet how to learn more about it? Take one step at a time and today focus your attention towards this element.

The S9’s camera is really good at capturing low-light images without even having to resort to a flash. In fact, each shot you take starts with 12 images that are divided into three groups of four for image processing, therefore more detail is guaranteed. Besides that, your phone’s camera also has a mechanical aperture that adjusts how much light enters the lens, widening to let in more light when you’re somewhere that’s dimly lit.

Don’t you think that it’s time to choose your own Aperture? Here’s what you can get:

Detailed procedure:

  1. First of all, you must open the camera app;
  2. Up next, just swipe across the screen to choose among the given modes;
  3. The Pro mode is there, just waiting for you, so all you must do is to tap the circular icon, second from the left;
  4. The current aperture settings appear on the left, but you can easily change between f/1.5 (fully open for low light shots) and f/2.4 (a narrower aperture for those looking for greater depth of focus);
  5. As you switch apertures, the camera compensates by adjusting the shutter speed to get an ideal shot.

Use this guide to personalize your Galaxy S9 phone and keep an eye on us. We’ll be back with fresh guides, that’s a promise!

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