Enjoy Fingerprint Gestures on your Oreo Device without Root

Pixel owners are really lucky since they been able to use gestures by easily swiping on the fingerprint sensor ever since I can remember and not all of us enjoy the same thing. Yes, most of the current Android devices come with fingerprint sensors these days, but this doesn’t change the fact that gesture control is a pretty limited feature, especially for those with high expectations.

Even if OEMs don’t seem to be willing to implement such a feature natively and it is supposed to be exclusive to the Pixel series, you can also enable and use fingerprint gestures on Android Oreo. The magic can take place thanks to an app that can be used on both rooted or non-rooted handsets and it’s known as Fingerprint Action Pro.

To be more precise, Fingerprint Action Pro lets you control your device with Simple Gestures on the Fingerprint Sensor of your device. To be more precise, the app allows you to use the fingerprint scanner to up and down Quick Settings /Notifications, to use the flashlight, toggle split screen, and much more actions.

The idea is that every single action can be performed via each swipe gesture. Just keep in mind that this app requires Android 8.0 Oreo or more recent versions to work and that your Android handset must have a fingerprint sensor to use this.

There is though a problem to take in consideration right from the start – there are some Stock and Custom ROMs that usually disable the Fingerprint Gestures API such as some OnePlus devices. This app is not compatible with such ROMs, yet I can only hope that it won’t be your case. And I must add one more disadvantage: the app is currently under development and is a beta release, so expect quite a few bugs here and there.

However, you can enjoy Fingerprint Gestures on your Oreo device without root and this is an advantage not so often found these days and besides that, the app comes with no ads even if it can be used by everyone for free.

If you likw what you are hearing, then take Fingerprint Action Pro on your handset right away and discover every single piece of this app.

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