Solve Galaxy Note 8 yellow, pink, or purple Tint on the Screen

The Galaxy Note 8 has all sorts of surprising features to take advantage of, but that doesn’t mean that problems are out of the question. No company is at that point, at least not yet and here I am with a detailed guide on how to solve the problem with the Galaxy Note 8 having a yellow, pink, or purple tint on the screen.

Yes, quite a few users have found a yellow, pink, or purple tint on their Galaxy Note 8 display. First of all, I have to ask: have you kept your device with due care and never made it fell down on the floor? If it isn’t the case to talk of such things, yet colorful lines start to appear on the screen randomly, this guide can definitely help you.

Some users claim that these lines change their position with scrolling on the screen, that even the camera app can show some weird patterns on the screen, not to mention the different color variations of these tints, but this is what you must do for all situations here described:

Potential solutions:

  • First of all, the display calibration might not be right. In such a case, you have to adjust the settings as here described:
  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Then, you must tap on Display;
  3. Up next, hit Screen mode;
  4. There you can select one of the four options available including Adaptive display, AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo, or Basic;
  • Even more, you should also adjust the color balance by going into Advanced Options; to be more precise, you can try switching to Adaptive Display, which is “cooler” than the other modes, according to many users. You can also adjust the Color Balance by changing the individual values for Red, Green and Blue, the three basic colors that make up all the colors you see on your screen;
  • You can also try dialing *#15987# to adjust the red tint of the display;
  • If none of the software settings seem to fix the problem, your only option may be to pick up a replacement or claim your phone’s warranty and Samsung will have to replace your display for free.

Some users have been facing the screen color problem on Samsung Galaxy S7 and even on certain previous devices, but everything has a fix. Don’t forget that!

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