Learn to Make S9 Plus Passwords Visible While Typing

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone that you own will bug you to set up complex passwords, with the purpose of increasing the security of your accounts. This is not only happening to you, but getting angry whenever you have to type a long password is what ends up happening most of the times for most S9 Plus users. Not funny, right? I think that too.

To prevent you from any sort of complications, there is an option especially for you. With the right setting, you can make your passwords visible as you type them.

You will be able to see every character of the password immediately while you are typing and that’s perfect. This will help you enter the characters that are correct or fix any potential mistakes that you made on your keyboard without even having to repeat the procedure over and over again.

Step by step instructions are here included, so you should better waste no more time:

Learn to Make S9 Plus Passwords Visible While Typing:

  1. First of all, you must head to the Android Settings;
  2. Tap on Device Security;
  3. Then, you must go to Other Security Settings tab;
  4. That’s where the option with its dedicated slider is displayed. Get to it and do not hesitate to switch it from the default Off selection to On;
  5. At this point, leave the Menu and go back to the app or website where you are supposed to type the password.

Typing passwords on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will be much easier now that the text from the Password field will be visible! However, I can only assume that you don’t have other people staring at you as you type this password or else you might get into trouble!

Are you experiencing difficulties with your S9 Plus while applying the above steps? Well, check out our Contact form or use the comments form to ask for my help. Remember that’s why I am here for in the first place.

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