HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach app has a generous database of Indian foods

HealthifyMe is a great calorie counter that uses its Indian origin card perfectly. India has a lot of different cuisines, therefore be sure that the app has a generous database of Indian foods and covers almost everything from everywhere. To be more precise, HealthifyMe provides access to India’s Largest Calorie Counter with a database of over 100,000 Indian foods to help you track all your meals along with your nutrition intake day by day.

Don’t you know how the app works? It isn’t at all complicated. Well, it basically asks for some of your personal details upon installation in order to form a calorie intake. Up next, it divides that number into various sections such as how many calories you should be consuming in a certain meal and it is up to you to set a goal: it can be weight loss or weight gain, to get fitter or to just eat better and maintain a better life style.

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If you choose the premium membership, you can get personalized Coaching: to be more precise, you get access to a customized exercise and diet plan, created by a team of fitness, nutrition and yoga coaches, that perfectly fit to your fitness needs. And even more, the In-App Chat allows constant contact with your coaches for a one-on-one virtual counsel.

As for the Connect Devices and Apps feature, let me remind you that you can Integrate your GoogleFit, Mi Band (via Google Fit) and FitBit and keep track of your progress while your activity and sleep data gets synced automatically.

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HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach can be taken from this Google Play link for free, so you know what your next move should be!

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