How to Use Inshorts, the Ideal News Curation App

Let me tell you more about why I think that content curation apps are more than useful these days. Well, the technology that surrounds us lets us know what’s happening at every moment. We all tend to check Twitter, Facebook, the news and more at least once per day, but is it the best thing to do?

As you have seen, I want to talk about those content curation apps that are not enjoyed as they should be. For those of you who don’t know, content curation is finding information relevant to a certain audience from a variety of sources. It’s some sort of a fight back against information overload, as we have the chance to refuse what’s too much and curate the content we consume.

If you’ve got an Android device too, then this app that I want to present you is simply perfect. I am talking about none other than Inshorts, an amazing news curation app that you might end up using every single day. Haven’t you heard of it? It’s time to do that now!

I am saying that as long as Inshorts successfully manages to select the most recent news from multiple national and international sources and then, believe it or not, it presents you the story in a short 60 words or even less format, personalized for you. Why should you think that this is better than the regular news?

Well, I think that the app is simply ideal for those who are in a hurry or don’t want to spend too much time reading the news. Even more, you will find a few pre-defined categories such as technology, business, politics, science, world and more and don’t forget about its special feature known as My Feed. Despite of the fact that it is only in beta, let me tell you that it curates news which you might find useful and it does so by analyzing the kind of news you read. It’s like having some sort of a feed of latest stories, videos and other content personalized especially only for you!

The app needs permission to access your contacts for the new one-tap sharing feature, TOSS, through which you’ll be able to share any short with Inshorts users in your contact list, as well as access to the device’s storage to save the representational images, so that you can enjoy this feature even without internet connectivity. Don’t you know what TOSS is? This is also a new feature that gives you the chance to notify your friends of interesting articles, videos or news that they might also like; you just have to use the TOSS button in order to share something with Inshorts users.

The app, available in both English or Hindi, can be taken from here, so don’t waste any more time!

And if you want something else, then more news apps are waiting for you:

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