How to Smartly Copy Text from Android Apps

Did you ever want to copy text from an app from your Android device? Then, you already know the fact that the text from the YouTube app, from the official Android apps of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networking service cannot be copied, at least not in theory.

Generally, on Android you can copy any text by holding the text for some time then with a copy option appears, but this doesn’t happen in these cases. Anyway, there is always a trick that saves the day and you can easily copy and paste text from such apps that apparently don’t let you do that.

I am talking about none other than Universal Copy that makes the impossible possible and is totally free. The problematic text is called TextView and there is no mystery that it cannot be edited or copied since native support isn’t provided. However, things are a little different with this app. It seems that Universal Copy is the Android app that will let you copy such TextView texts.

Don’t you believe me? Just give it a try and you will see that I am not telling any lies. And even if you are not a tech savy, there is no reason to be worried about. Installing and using it is a piece of cake, but just have to enable it, to give accessibility permission to let it inspect the content that is in the current window and you will see that it can do wonders.

After you’ve enabled it, you can test the app in your favorite Facebook app or any app that bothers you with the fact that it won’t let you copy text. Just activate the Copy Mode on the specific window from which you want to copy text and you will see a notification of Universal Copy to activate the copy mode. So, whenever you want to copy some text, just activate it.

The issue is that this is all that the app lets you do. If you want to do more with the copied text, then the app developer has another app for you. I am talking about Easy Copy which does much more than that (use this link if you want to grab it).

As for Universal Copy, this app is waiting for you right here, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!