Interesting Gaming Features on Samsung Galaxy S7

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is not necessarily the phone that gamers have been waiting for, but don’t you imagine that you’ve made a mistake. Quite the opposite, the handset has a few interesting gaming features that you should know about from the start and use anytime you might feel like doing so.

For example, I can tell you from the start the fact that Game Launcher is the ultimate control center for games. This is some sort of a special folder that organizes your games in one place, but it does much more than that; Game Launcher also includes two settings that improve gameplay. Before you start a game, you can turn off alerts so app notifications won’t interrupt you. As for the Save power settings, you can easily adjust the game’s graphics and resolution in order to save more battery while you’re playing.

All your games are found in one convenient place and this is a major advantage, but Game launcher also finds new games to play in those days when you are bored or simply want to try out something new. You just have to tap Top Charts to see the most popular games by play time, the total number of players and much more. As for the Featured Videos section, let me tell you that this includes popular gaming videos from YouTube and videos based on the games you have installed.

Even more, keep in mind that Samsung Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone to support the Vulkan API, so you’ll feel the effects dramatically when playing games developed with the API. As for Game Tools, this is also a great plus for owners like you. Thanks to this feature, you have access to some amazing functions that only make your gaming experience better than ever. Among them you can find the gameplay recording. If you are really good in what you are doing, then you’ll want to share it online for the world to see.

And if you want more options to choose from, then there is also an amazing pack known as Galaxy Game. This has more than 40 games providing something unique: you can defeat villains in the ultimate cosmic adventure, you can build cities of majestic scale and look over the people there, perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in a one of a kind driving experience, be the hero when it’s needed the most and much, much more than that.

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