How to Turn On or Off Spell Check on your Note 8 Device

Your Galaxy Note 8 has excellent performance, a great camera, as well as a refined design that is surprisingly manageable for a device with such a large screen, not to mention the built-in S-Pen stylus which is very handy. If that’s enough to tempt you into buying one, or if you’ve already snapped one up, then you’ll be on the hunt for variosu shortcuts and tricks to enhance your user experience.

The spell-check on the Samsung Note 8 is intended to enable you to adjust and revise blunders in your writing. To be more precise, whenever you type a word that might contain some kind of typos or spelling errors, you basically receive a subtle notification.

All words that could use a revision are underlined in red and, the moment you tap on it, you also get suggestions on forms that the spell checker considers to fit better than anything else. I must also warn you about the fact that you might discover that not all the suggestions associated with the highlighted words are appropriate, which is ok.

As long as it makes no automatic adjustments, like the autocorrect, you have all the reasons to want to benefit from this useful spell checking feature.

How to Turn On or Off Spell Check on your Note 8 Device:

  1. For the start, turn on your Note 8 phone;
  2. Stop on the main screen, to swipe down the Menu;
  3. Then, you need to open Android Framework settings;
  4. Find and open Dialect and info;
  5. Search for and tap on Samsung console;
  6. Tap Auto Check Spelling.

This setting will switch its status the moment you tap it. If it was previously disabled, you have just activated it. You can now start to use the Spell Check on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

In the event that the feature is not what you need or like to use, take the means above and simply select “Off” on your Samsung Note 8.

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