Remove Words from Dictionary on your Note 8

I know that many of you use the autocorrect feature on their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, therefore you are no stranger to the fact that your keyboard will have its own dictionary that it can suggest autocorrect words to. Various Galaxy Note 8 users want to add new words to the dictionary, but what about the opposite situation?

There are also users who might want to find out how to remove certain words from the Note 8 dictionary.

Even more, if you are constantly using the Samsung console and you have to dispose of specific proposals while writing, you should apply the below steps and make the necessary changes too. It is not at all hard, I can assure you of that.

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How to Remove Words from Dictionary on your Note 8:

  1. First of all, you must launch whatever application where you can utilize the Samsung console and sort writings;
  2. Start writing the primary letters of the word you’re attempting to dispose of, so you will have the capacity to consider it to be a recommendation in the proposal bar;
  3. As soon as it appears in there, press and hold that word;
  4. You should see a fly up going ahead, with the message “Expel – Your assertion will be expelled from the educated words”;
  5. Up next, you have to click on the OK button to confirm your action;
  6. At this point, the word will be completely deleted from your dictionary.

After making such changes, it’s time to begin typing on your smartphone as you would no longer see the words as suggestions and also customize the dictionary of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 keyboard. After all, no one says that you cannot repeat the above process with whichever word you intend using, but you can do it as many times as you want.

Do you see how simple things really are? Just enjoy your device!

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