Anomaly 2 on the Battlefields of Android, now Available on Google Play Store

Anomaly 2, the long-awaited upgrade of the famous Tower Offense game is now available on Android Google Play Store. The release of the sequel on November 13 on Android has been a real success since fans all over the world have express their wish on having the game with them at all times.

Anomaly 2 continues the battle of its previous version (Anomaly Korea), a battle between humans that guard the earth and the alien forces that are trying to invade their territories. The beautiful part is that the solo campaign is followed by a multiplayer campaign which brings Anomaly 2 to a new and innovative level when playing it on your Android.

With mind blowing and unique visual effects, Anomaly 2`s lighting and textures of a real PC game, give the Android version a real experience when dwelling with exciting battle offenses, new weapons and situations that make its campaigns so unique. As you go along different missions, you will be transforming your units into real mercenaries that fight against aliens.

Anomaly 2 released on Google Play store

Anomaly 2 released on Google Play store

Whenever you get bored of fighting alone, you can simply switch to multiplayer option and incite your friends in this unique and life time experience. You can be whatever you want, be it an alien or a humanoid fighting against hostile invaders, the action will be so intense, that you will forget which side you`re on.

With more than 1 million tactical control combinations, with new cool vehicles that have the ability to transform in whatever you want, Anomaly 2 can keep you entertained until your Android powers off.

Since the game was recently optimized for playing on smartphones or tablets and you are craving to play it at your phone`s full resources, than prepare yourself for the grand battle and make sure you pay $5 to get it from your Google Play Store.