Facebook Brings Significant Messenger Updates for iOS and Android

After hundreds of tests that Facebook has undertaken over the course of a couple of weeks to update important apps on Messenger, the news have finally reached their final destination. Facebook released on November 13 significant Messenger updates for iOS and Android, which come with improved and better look for a smoother navigation and with the possibility of text messaging to people which are outside Facebook. There is also an important update that lets you know who is logged into this app. Great, isn`t it?

You may ask yourself how is it possible to contact people outside Facebook? Well, Facebook uses its users` registered phone number that you can use to send SMS to whom whatever you might know or want to add into your list.

Messenger updates also include, as our source mentions, a fresh and new navigation look, available for iOS and Android, to easily access your conversations and friends or manage your settings. Facebook took advantage of the fact that more and more people use this wonderful community, and created a mobile product that help them communicate in a more efficient way and faster, by just accessing a simple app and pushing a few buttons.

Facebook for Android and iOS updated

Facebook for Android and iOS updated

Our source also states that Facebook Messenger is the instant app that quickly brings together both your friends and your contacts from your address book. Just browse the app, find your friend and send him a text message, even if he is offline.

Along with significant innovations in functionality, design and speed, the apps enhance a philosophy that bring together mobiles, and thus, bring together people all over the world. The updates of Facebook Messenger apps are now worldwide and rolling out for the whole public and it is believed to successfully hit the iOS and Android markets soon. To make full advantage of these apps, users will need to first register and then verify the phone number with the Facebook Messenger app.

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