Asus Fonepad Note Specs and Features Leaked; When the Note meets the…Note

The new product from Asus is a 6-inch device that comes with an appealing design and furthermore (and most relevant) it is considered to be better than the Galaxy Note 2 (we will see about that). The Fonepad Note specs are including a dual-core Intel Atom Z2560 processor, 2GB of RAM and two frontal stereo speakers; the Android Jelly Bean based phone-tablet (phablet) hybrid will definitely alarm the competition – especially Samsung and its Note 2. The new Fonepad can be used for speaking, browsing the internet, taking pictures and other activities. The Asus Fonepad has been first leaked in May when we learned that it will be available in champagne gold and titanium gray color schemes. Among other features, it is mentionable that the phablet has a Glonass-capable aGPS receiver, used for improved satellite signal detection and more precise tracking.

Also, the device has two cameras: a 8 MP rear shooter and the 1.2-megapixel front-facer, which is convenient for chat and taking pics in bright sunlight only. Actually, the only flows the Fonepad Note has are the low-quality front facing camera and the gaming performance. However, it is one of the best devices in this sector so far, being made out of aluminum, having a Hyper-Threading Intel processor and also a really tempting price tag. The battery lasts up to 10 hours, with the 3G, apps and also power-saving mode on.

Asus Fonepad Note

Asus Fonepad Note

Other specifications might be similar with the classic Asus Fonepad, so we might also see: micro-SIM card slot for voice calls and SMS, the mentioned Intel Atom Z2560 dual-core processor with Intel Hyper-Threading technology, 32 GB internal storage, 6-inch Full HD Super IPS+ display, a 4,270mAh battery, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0 radios and the Android OS, with Jelly Bean 4.2 on board. Be aware that some of the specs and features are only rumored by now; what we know for sure is the processor, cameras, the display and well, the name, which by the way is kind of strange as we already have the Note line.

Anyway, if we aren’t considering the name and some of its “minus”, the Asus Fonepad Note might be a good alternative for the actual Note or for other phablets, like the LG Optimus G Pro. Anyway, the future price tag is still expected as well as for the future market availability, so until then this is all we have for you. Anyway, stay close for further info and do share your impressions with us.