Google Glass XE 12 Update Revealed: Snapshots, YouTube, New Hangouts and more

Google Glass lives to deliver its customers outstanding experiences with their wonder glasses that literally “winks” to make instant photos or directly access your YouTube and other important sites. It is all about the new updated XE 12, that brings the intelligent eyewear to a new dimension by completing the Glass-ti-iOS bridge. The update brings a whole lot of new features and also Glassware into a handset that completely changed its explorers` life.

I am crazy about apps and gadgets, but Google Glass XE 12 update has really made my life a little bit tastier. If until now you could actually take a photo with a wink due to third-parties apps, now Google has come out with something that may seem from outer space. And that is the Explorer Edition of Glass, which makes you shoot photos just by a wink.

Google Glass XE 12 Update to Take Snapshots, Add YouTube and New Hangouts

Google Glass XE 12 Update to Take Snapshots, Add YouTube and New Hangouts

As our source confirms, there are important features that the update brings. We are talking about a significant boost of other new Hangouts in case you want SMS texting and sending asap, in case you feel like chatting or even recording something directly from your head. The Glass has it all. Glass vids uploads can also be possible with the new improved app for YouTube access.

What I was also impressed about the Glass, is its improved security feature that simply activates the screen lock once you take off your Glass. With this opt in mind, Explorers will not need to worry anymore about certain features being left on the screen once the Glass is off.

And another important update was its “Sent Through Glass” feature that Google has cut off, since it was to “obnoxious” to quote Google.

Right now, the XE 12 update is on its move to the Google Glass headsets. All you have to do is connect the glasses to a strong Wi-Fi connection and let the update flaw smoothly. Enjoy!

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