How to Use LG G5 Second Camera as Zoom out

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If you own LG’s recent G5 smartphone, then you probably know the fact that it is more about the cameras and not necessarily its modular design when it comes to popularity. At a first glance, this device might seem like any other ordinary handset, but on a closer inspection, you will begin to pick up on cues that something is different about the LG G5. The company decided to employ a modular design and this was the center of everyone’s attention for a while, but not any longer.

Now, the dual camera module at the top is enjoying the spotlight and no, I cannot get tired of it in the near future. The point is that all smartphone cameras are getting better and better, but despite of that, many complain that they’re typically not very good at zooming in because they use “digital” zoom, which is making the photo look more pixelated than ever.

In this device’s case, it’s true that LG G5 uses digital zoom, but it somehow looks absolutely amazing, and it makes the G5’s more versatile than any other smartphone camera so far. And things get even more interesting when it comes to zooming out.

The LG G5’s main camera has not one, but actually two sensors on the back, where one has a regular 28mm-ish lens, while the other the equivalent of a 20mm fish-eye lens, giving you a 135-degree field of view. You might first believe that the two have nothing to do one with each other and that you can only switch between them using the little buttons at the top of the screen, but the true is that you also have the possibility to zoom out from the normal view to use the second camera as a seamless composition tool.

All you have to do is to simply pinch outwards to start zooming out. This will immediately bring up a zoom dial to the right of the display, which lets you change the zoom level without any gestures and in a matter of seconds. Pretty interesting, am I right? And this is only the beginning as your device’s camera has so much more to offer. It is up to you to learn how to Change LG G5 Photo and Video Resolution by using the steps here provided, how to Switch to Dual Camera on LG G5, Edit the Pictures taken with the handset by using the procedures presented in this guide, how to Use LG G5 Timeline View and Memories View and more.

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