How to Solve Galaxy S7 Rebooting Issue when connected to mobile data

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Lately a few reports have confirmed some small Galaxy S7 problems here and there. With that in mind, I started to gather more details and create these guides for those in need and the truth is that the number of problems gets bigger and bigger each day.

Some of them are the common ones that you would normally expect from any new Android device, while others are totally new and strange. Mobile data errors are something that we see every day and the examples include no data on Samsung Galaxy S7, the fact that the users cannot access the internet through mobile data, that the mobile internet is not working or that the cellular data not working with Galaxy S7, but the Galaxy S7 Rebooting Issue when connected to mobile data is a new issue.

There are quite a few owners complaining about the fact that their device hone keeps rebooting, but only when they are at home or near their house. If they are at home and have the smartphone on airplane mode and Wifi it doesn’t reboot. So, you get that this only happens at home and only if you are using cell data and yes, I have to admit that it’s definitely a strange thing to happen.

The problem may be on some third party apps on your device. In order to make sure that this is indeed the source of your errors, don’t hesitate to perform a master reset and observe the phone when at home for at least 24 hours.

Make sure that you don’t install anything on your Galaxy S7 during this period. If the problem won’t happen all the time, you must go over your list of apps and try to identify which of them is causing this issue.

In order to help you prepare your phone for the procedure and take care of your data, enter here and keep on reading.

However, if this makes no difference, then it’s time to ask for a replacement. It might be a hardware issue and there is nothing else that you can do to solve it this time.

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