Add a Comment to Remind Yourself why you Liked a Song with MusicID

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Listening to a song and you don’t know what’s its name or who sings it? We all know that feeling of frustration, but who says that there is nothing that you can do at this chapter? Great music deserves a great looking music recognition app and MusicID can be the perfect choice for many of you in this situation.

When you’re listening to a great song and want to know what it is, which app do you usually turn to? For many, it’s TrackID or Shazam, but these are not the only options out there.

This app known as MusicID can be also used to instantly identify music playing around you and then, upon tagging a song, you can add a comment to remind yourself why you liked that song later. This is something that you cannot find on other apps of its kind!

MusicID’s artist pages are pretty slim, as they contain only albums and similar artists, but others consider the fact that the app lets you see similar songs to your favorite artists as a major advantage. Besides the chance to view compelling Artist Pages, you can easily buy songs that you love with one tap and the interface… well, this is where the story gets better as it avoid any complications right from the start!

However, you aren’t able to tag songs offline at all in this app. MusicID ends up a little short compared to the other choices that we have talked about and yet, it might be what you need if you don’t dream of something fancy. If you think the same, grab the app from here and enjoy it! If you still want more options to take in consideration, let me come with other suggestions such as:

  • As I have told you right from the start, you can try out Shazam if you are Looking for a Music Recognition App that cannot disappoint you. For searching a certain song, place it near an audio device and Shazam will easily identify it in just a few seconds. The app has no match in terms of recognizing artists, but keep in mind that some features are dependent on location, device, as well as app version;
  • Listen to Music on YouTube with the Help of an amazing Browser – I am talking about the KK Browser which deserves all your attention;
  • Give a try to Just Music Player for the Best Android Music Experience which supports both offline and online music streaming;
  • Enjoy a Lightweight, Easy to Use, as well as Fully Featured Music Player such as Pulsar Music Player. As always, the free version comes with multiple features to choose from such as smart playlist, folder browsing, gapless playback, and smart playlist, but the pro version has even more surprises for the app’s users;
  • I have one more option for you – do not hesitate to Try Out Maestria that Revolves around Music and Melodies. This is actually a puzzle game split up into different worlds that have their own set of puzzles to solve (there are 160 levels in total). Your main goal is to ring the colored bells, but you have to do it in the correct order or else you won’t succeed.
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