Grab Udemy Online Courses on your Android Device

I don’t know how many of you heard about Udemy Online Courses up to now, so I can tell you that you don’t even know what you might be missing! With platforms such as the amazing Khan Academy, Coursera, or Udacity, you know that learners can enroll in just about any course in the world, and often this comes with no cost – which is quite an advantage!

Why should you grab Udemy Online Courses on your Android device? What can this offer above other options? Well, if you are also looking for a varied catalog of self-paced online courses, many of which are also available for free, if you like the idea of learning or even teaching via one intuitive interface and you love the fact that you get certificates of completion, the Udemy Online Courses app is perfect for you.

To make it all even more clear, Udemy is a learning platform that allows you to purchase and take courses on various subjects. Unlike many other options from Google Play and not only, I like that Udemy focuses more on skill-based learning so you’ll find classes on programming, learning to use things like Adobe or Microsoft software, and more simple things like speaking in public or accepting yourself.

So, the story is as simple as it can be: you browse courses and here I must also tell you that Udemy is also unique in the scale of its platform. You can sort through courses by categories as wide-ranging as Health and Fitness to Graduate Entry Exams. From there, you can filter classes based upon language, price, instruction level, and features (such as special classes that include quizzes).

After that, you can watch the instructional videos and learn how to do the thing the class is trying to teach you. However, I must warn you about something that I find rather annoying as coming from an app as good as this one: there are a few courses so short that I would eventually name them tutorials.

But here’s the catch: the in app purchases allow you to buy the entire course. As I have already told you, the app does come with free courses as well so you can check out one of those at first and experience the platform before buying the full version.

With all of the options available, I personally found Udemy as being a great app for anyone looking to learn a new skill in a limited amount of time and doesn’t know where to start from. Can you also do that? Are you at least curious to give it a try?

Udemy Online Courses can be downloaded from here.