Give a try to the Educational Game Learning Shapes

These days, with the increasing use of Android devices, young people have gained new tastes and a new mindset where sometimes the fact of being at school or kindergarten may not be sufficiently motivating. As a parent, you should take that in consideration!

For example, something as simple as learning shapes allows children to recognize, group or classify items, to develop their ability to make logical connections – which is a precursor to math – but do you know how to teach them to do that? A game such as Learning Shapes can be the perfect choice for you and for your little one!

When I say to give a try to this game, you know that it isn’t for you, but for your kids if you are at that point where you want to teach them how to call different objects and shapes. Choose a time of day when you and the child are relaxed and then, discover more about what this game has to offer to you!

With a very simple interface and over 21 languages to choose from, this game is truly educational. It has different game modes that all have the goal that I have told you about from the start and even more, the tasks are all simple enough that can be completed with a tap or two.

After all, Learning Shapes is offered by GoKids!, a great team that has been developing educational and entertaining games for kids for many years and this is something that we can all see in their apps. They are fun, creative and full of color, just as children love them to be!

And I must tell you that I especially like how this app needs a double tap in order to exit. That aims to prevent your kids accidentally close the app, thus making their experience more fun and safe.

Have I convinced you to give it a try? Grab the app from here and have fun with your little ones!

If the app that I have told you about is not what you need at the moment, then there are other options to choose from such as Endless Alphabet, a Great Educational Android App for Kids, Children Can also Build Skills to Master the Alphabet with Super Why! from PBS Kids, you can Teach your Child Shapes and Colors with Toddler Lock, or try some Clever Android Apps that Help Your Kid Stop Being Afraid of the Dark and change your unfortunate current situation.

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