12 Months Of Free Service For Students via Sprint And Best Buy

Are you a student with a limited budget and you’re thinking that the entire universe might be plotting against you? You definitely know of what we are talking about: expensive rent, expensive food and so on, but there is no reason to be disappointed. You can still buy a new phone if you want to take a look at the new free service offered by Sprint and Best Buy. We are talking about the most recent Best Buy Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion which gives you the possibility to buy a new Sprint phone at a start price and enjoy a full year of unlimited voice minutes, unlimited texting and 1GB of data per month for free.

We already know that it sound perfect for some of you, but if you are thinking about getting more data, there is no reason to be worried about as long as this option can be changed. To be more specific, you can choose the unlimited data during the entire promotional year for only $10 per month. And there are even more surprises!

12 months free service for students via Sprint and Best Buy

12 months free service for students via Sprint and Best Buy

Do you want another 12 months for this offer? All you have to do is referring a friend to the program, but be careful as long as both lines must share the same account, which can be difficult, but not necessarily impossible.

If you like the idea, then here’s what you have to do: buy a phone at full retail cost from Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile stores and wait for a verification of your enrollment at college, high school and even middle school. It won’t take longer than 14 days and you don’t have to sign any sort contract or anything like that. You must pay though the full retail for the smartphone that you are choosing. And be careful that the offer is available only to Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores, as our source stated, so don’t hesitate to enjoy it while it will last.