If the Tags or Metadata of your MP3 files is Inappropriate, Use Star Music Tag Editor

As an Android smartphone user, you have access to just about any type of music program or app that you can imagine, but there is a big problem that you must always take in consideration. I know that you like to experiment as much as possible, but the point is that your smartphone has a limited amount of space. You can’t download everything that you want, so you must find the best music apps available, the ones that can truly make a difference and that you really need.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Star Music Tag Editor can be such an app. Well, if the tags or metadata of your MP3 files is inappropriate, then let me assure you that this app can definitely help you. Some are tempted to give up when facing such problems, but remember that enjoying music will bring you good mood and this app can really make a difference this time.

I am saying that as long as Star Music Tag Editor gives you the chance to assign album covers to songs, modify or embed lyrics, and edit the tags like artist, song name, album, year, genre and much more.

Yes, the app supports folder, album, and artist list for viewing of songs to edit, or you can just search for them within the app and I can assure you that it will run fast and smooth, without any sort of bugs to worry about. For album covers, you can choose one from your local storage or even from the web. If you find this as being too much of a trouble with so many options out there, then the app comes with an auto search function that automatically grabs the album art (from Last.fm, I think) if the MP3 file has correct tags.

Take Star Music Tag Editor from here right away and give it a try! You will get used to it in no time!