BlackBerry DTEK60 Stock Wallpapers for your Android Device

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Are the BlackBerry DTEK60 Stock Wallpapers haunting you too? I totally get the idea as long as BlackBerry DTEK60 comes with 9 fresh wallpapers, as you already know and all of them are in the Material design that we are all used to.

Even more, you should know that these stock wallpapers are in full HD quality with 2160 x 1920 px resolution, so what else are you waiting for?

If you like the wallpapers that the BlackBerry DTEK60 smartphone has to offer, don’t hesitate to follow these steps and be sure that your device will have a futuristic look (oh, I forgot to tell you that they give me some sort of a Matrix feel which is great even for a device that’s not so new, but that needs a refresh).

These steps are waiting for you:

How to take the BlackBerry DTEK60 Stock Wallpapers on your Android Device:

  1. First of all, the wallpapers that I am telling you about can be taken from here;
  2. Then, choose a location for the wallpapers from the zip. Have you found it? The desktop is often the best choice, so do not hesitate to extract them right away;
  3. Use your handset’s original USB cord as you must now transfer the wallpapers to your current device;
  4. Then, you need to enter into the Settings option;
  5. Up next, just select an image from the new 13 wallpapers that I have told you about;
  6. At the end, just touch the OK or Set Wallpaper button (depending on your device) in order to confirm the new wallpaper.

Other wallpapers or wallpaper apps that you might look trying out:

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  • F—Colors and its 60 High-quality Greyscale Wallpapers is another option to take in consideration;
  • Also read more about LP Wallpaper by Loraine P and its Original Wallpapers;
  • Do not hesitate to Grab Vivo Xplay 6 Stock Wallpapers on Android or Take the amazing Hisense Mira 2 Stock Wallpapers and give your handset’s a new look.
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