Solid Color Wallpapers has 240 Solid Color Wallpapers

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Any Android user is aware of the fact that customization starts with a great homescreen background. The wallpaper element is the quickest way to change how your Android handser looks and is the central force that pulls everything together to give your homescreen a special style —your own style, to be more precise.

If you agree with me and want something simple and fresh, then Solid is for you. Solid provides you a collection of solid color wallpapers and by that it means that it comes with over 240 material design wallpapers.

The app comes with material design colors that you are able to set as your wallpaper. All you have to do is to click on a color, and you’re done. Since we all like different colors, Solid gives you the chance to create your own solid-colored wallpapers with a handy color picker. Just select a color from the color picker, and you are done. For starters, it has 240 solid color wallpapers and let’ just imagine that you are picky and you don’t like any of those. Even though I don’t see such a scenario as being possible, maybe you are just curious and like to experiment as much as possible and in such conditions, you can create your own.

Don’t forget that all your newly created solid color wallpapers are automatically saved on your Android device and can be saved to external storage and dot leave aside the ability to change the brightness of your wallpapers.

Solid Color Wallpapers also comes with 2 live wallpapers (for those who don’t put battery life on the first place) and don’t leave aside the fact that the app supports both phones and tablets.

Solid Color Wallpapers is available for download at this Google Play link, so don’t waste any more time. I bet that this is exactly what you were looking for!

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