LeafPic Gallery – a new Gallery App with amazing Tools

HoraApps has just announced a new gallery app with amazing tools, so I have to tell you more about it. I am talking about LeafPic Gallery, a special application which is based on fully open source software that was posted on Github for anyone to bring their contribution and report any issue or suggest features.

I must tell you right from the start that this app is in beta stage at the moment, but this should not scare you at all. Well, I have tried it for a few days, I did not face any bug and I am not the only one saying that. If you find any problem, please report it to the developers and help them make it better.

Leafpic has all the potential to become an alternative to Google Photos, for users who wish to try something different and with multiple customization options.

Yes, the app comes with various customization options to choose from, including no less than 50 main colors, 9 accent colors, as well as 3 base themes, namely light, dark, and AMOLED black. The company has been clear about the fact that users can generate over 1,800 theme combinations using the tools found inside the application, so that’s why I call it one of a kind!

So, LeafPic lets you imagination run wild and to make things even better, it includes a long list of features such as customizing columns for the main screen and folders, excluding folders, customizing the viewing page, translucent status bar, colored navigation bar, enabling maximum brightness when viewing a picture, sub-scaling image view and not only. All these are advanced features, I know it, but I can assure you that the app doesn’t forget about the the basic features like copy, move, rename and so on as they are all there.

And another greatest joy is that LeafPic Gallery is ad-free, which means that it doesn’t come with annoying ads that would simply affect user experience; and this is not something only available for the beta stage, but on the contrary, the company has mentioned that it doesn’t intend to enable them. And it is already announced that LeafPic will come with privacy settings to protect pictures, just as HoraApps promises not to engage with third-party services and make user photos available to them.

After all, privacy is essential these days and it’s no surprise that we find such an aspect about this app as well. Have I convinced you that it is worthy of your attention?

LeafPic Gallery can be grabbed from here right away.