Focus – Picture Gallery could be your Gallery App Choice

Do you want order for your vacation photos or for that bunch of pictures with your cute baby (or pet, if you aren’t at that point of your life just yet)? On stock Android, the default gallery app is none other than Photos, which combines the images saved locally with the ones you’ve saved on Google+. You definitely don’t get the best experience possible and things are no different when it comes to all biggest manufacturers.

Samsung, LG, HTC and not only make their own gallery apps, some of them are decent if not even brilliant, but each is exclusively available on its manufacturer’s devices only. That means you can’t take the software with you if you switch to a different brand later on. What you need is a gallery app to do some of the heavy lifting for you and I think that Focus – Picture Gallery could be your choice.

Focus Picture Gallery is one of the most beautifully done gallery apps that you can find at the moment and using it is a piece of cake. All your pictures and videos will be accessible from the main page without the need to change context with an intelligent vertical and horizontal navigation. That is how simple things can be!

If you have the time and patience to label your photos, then you will be able to find any image in a heart beat. Users can make their own tags, too (Nature, Art, Vacation and so on). Even more, all your homepage photos will be neatly organized by categories. Camera, Download, Facebook, Messenger and all other sources will have their labels. And the app has quite a few good features, including an app lock function that will allow you to password protect your gallery from prying eyes; it also has a light and dark theme, a comprehensive tag system, additional security settings, and you can even change the icon if you want to.

The Focus – Picture Gallery app gives you most of its features for free, but if you truly want all of them, then you must take in consideration the possibility to pay the full version. The fee payment will grant you access to custom tags, collection control, dark theme, swipe lock, Muzei live wallpaper and any future premium features that may be included. And don’t forget about the optional $1.13/month subscription for those who want to further support development, but note that this is entirely optional. You do get a fun little badge if you do, besides the good feeling that you appreciate someone’s hard work.

Focus – Picture Gallery waits to be taken from here.

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