How to Add some extra polish to your Videos with Adobe Premiere Clip

We must all admit that video editors on Android phones are far from providing professional results. But the good part is that there are plenty of apps that make everything possible. There is an app for everyone – there are options for those who want to create beautiful videos, as well as apps for users who dream to trim clips, mix and match multiple clips, you can add soundtrack in the background and edit your latest videos in so many ways.

Adobe Premiere Clip is extremely easy to use for those who want nothing fancy. To be more precise, this is a free video editor that makes it fast create quality videos that can be easily shared with some extra polish.

You basically get no more than two options to choose from with this app – I am talking about Automatic or Freeform. As you might be expecting, the automatic mode will almost make the video for you except for a few things which you need to pick up manually. But if you want to give a bit of your personal touch to the videos, the freeform mod is the one that I recommend trying out.

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In the freeform mode, you basically get an assorted list of filters to choose from, along with video/audio effects. It is up to you to apply custom lighting and color Looks from Adobe Capture CC to enhance the appearance of your videos, choose from stock soundtracks, or add your own music. trim out the parts you don’t want, and add visual polish with lighting adjustments, transitions, and slow motion effect.

Besides that, Adobe Premiere Clip has a good lineup for saving videos and you can directly opt for saving on the Creative Cloud. And the end is the one that you are expecting: you can save finished videos to your gallery, you can share them directly to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, or send them to Premiere Pro CC for more editing.

Adobe Premiere Clip can be taken for free from Google Play store, so I rest my case here. It is only up to you to try it out.

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