Feel in Control and at Peace with Prosper Daily

Do you need an app for the Android which can help you with your money budgeting? There are plenty of apps that can manage your finances, but most of them are not for free. Let me just assume that you don’t want another payment from your pocket, at least not at the moment, so this option is simply perfect for you!

You can also feel in control and at peace with the help of an app known as Prosper Daily. Prosper Daily allows you to connect your bank and credit card accounts in order to track spending and protect against fraud.

Prosper Daily uses a special combination of predictive algorithms and crowd-sourced data from other app users to spot suspicious activity and unfair or dubious charges. If it finds anything fishy, then the Android app does its job and flags the charges to let you know of what is happening.

Duplicate and fraudulent charge detection are well implemented, but don’t forget that Prosper Daily also doubles as a handy expense tracker, gathering all your charges and collecting them into one app.

Not so long ago, Prosper Marketplace announced the release of Credit Card Optimizer, an exciting feature of the very same Prosper Daily app that telling you about as it helps consumers make better money decisions daily by providing them with actionable insights. To be more precise, Credit Card Optimizer lets you see all your card information in one place, so you can easily review balances, utilization, and statement information for all the cards that you connect to the app, it lets you use the right card with the ‘Which Card to Use?’ feature, minimize interest payments as you can view outstanding credit card balances and see a projection of the interest you will incur if you don’t pay off balances. And be sure that you will never miss a payment thanks to all those carefully timed push notifications that always remind you of upcoming minimum payments and due dates.

Well designed and trustworthy, Prosper Daily is indeed a special app!

If you also want to get alerted to unfair fraudulent charges, to protect your cards from fraud and unfair charges and track your spending and credit, Prosper Daily is waiting for you right here! Don’t hesitate to grab it!

I can only tell you that you will be surprised how life-changing something as simple as this app can be!