Phonograph – your New Android Default Music Player

Phonograph is a music player for Android as no other! It is intuitive and fast, it has a minimal User Interface along with some smooth animation, colors that stand out and of course course music player functionality and even if you don’t believe me now, there are big chances to set it as your new default music player.

Phonograph Music Player, earlier known as Gramophone, is a beautiful sleek music player that gives an example to all other apps from this category. The user interface matches every detail of the material design guidelines to ensure that Phonograph is a delight for all using it, just as the fact that app comes with an equalizer, playing queue, artist biography, artist images, playlist tab, tag editor and not only.

The Android app integrates for online music streaming and lets you jobs like editing the tags of the music tracks, downloading album arts, and creating and adding playlists. Besides all these, Phonograph also offers a homescreen widget and lockscreen music controls for the easiest access that you can ever find on such an app. And the tag editor lets you edit the tags of your music files such as title, artist, album name and more for single songs or whole albums. You can also let Phonograph automatically download missing album covers for you or choose one from your internal storage.

At the same time, you should take in consideration the fact that the developer has done a great job exterminating bugs and adding new features with almost every update. And there is one more cool thing that I want you to know about Phonograph Music Player: do you know that the color of the UI changes automatically to match the dominant color of the album art picture? You will see how great this looks!

Based on my experience, I make no mistake by saying that Phonograph is worthy of your attention and far from any disappointment. The app is extremely easy to use and it is equipped with a generous set of features without becoming overloaded or confusing, as it often happens these days.

Even though this app does not have any ads to worry about, keep in mind the fact that it is available for free in the Android Google Play store. With all these being said, that’s your chance! You can take it from here or you can choose to keep on looking for more options.