Download Android 4.4 KitKat Google Search 3.1.8 app

A new version of Google Search for Android devices is ready for download. Google Search 3.1.8 brings an important change for the Android 4.1+ users: it is the same version that Android 4.4 KitKat has! So from now on any smartphone or tablet with a previous version of Android can „taste” the new features of KitKat app. After this update, installing Google Experience Launcher APK will bring the same experience as in KitKat. More, new exciting features are the Google Now enhancement – a new conversation mode, being visible when you search for something and Google Experience Launcher ( GEL ).

GEL help Android 4.1+ users to side load an app without an add-on APK like in previous KitKat. The GEL layout running on tablets is also fixed with this update. Other changes visible in Google Search 3.1.8 app are the new Cards, with traffic incidents feature with the help of Waze, on maps, periodic reminders or sport scores in real-time. Users can also see when their packages are ready for in-store pick up, use the Undo function, which is very handy for bringing back dismissed cards, and have a full-on conversation mode, having a conversation with the search results.

Download Android 4.4 KitKat Google Search 3.1.8 app

Download Android 4.4 KitKat Google Search 3.1.8 app

Website Update card, News Topic card, and What to Watch card can be tested as well. Website Update is a feature which let users to predetermine a site or a blog they read and like and receive updates inside of Google Now. The News Topic card is set to display category news into Google Now, filtered by user. On the other hand, What to Watch card brings recommendations for TV shows and Movies.
The Card settings – a series of Yes and No questions – and toggles are hidden under a “magic wand” icon at the bottom of search.

You can have this update simply by going to Google Play or you can download the update from here; then, if you want, download the GEL APK from here.

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