Printing feature for Android 4.4 now available on Chrome

Google Team prepared a surprise for those used to surf the Internet with Android 4.4 KitKat’s Chrome app. From now on printing a document directly from Chrome is easy and fast like “click”: just hit Print button in Chrome 31.0.1650.59 update and your document is printed on paper in seconds. Printing framework is able, according to Google Team, to communicate with local printers over Wi-Fi or, why not, with a Google Cloud account printer. The good part is that users can modify paper size, select pages to print or which printer to send the document, image or file to.

Printer manufacturers can develop print services through APIs and developers will use this function and APIs to add printing capabilities to their apps without big code changes. Same Chrome update brings also a security boost. With the precious help of Pinkie Pie, who discovered a critical flaw – multiple memory corruption issues – the new Chrome version is more secure for every user. For his finding, Pinkie Pie win a $50,000 reward.

Chrome update brings printing feature to Android

Chrome update brings printing feature to Android

The autocomplete experience is now very good, the newer WebRTC standard being designed “to give online retailers a way to streamline the shopping experience for their users”. This means that payment details are automatically transmitted without user manual input; the integration with Google Wallet also means that your payment details are more secure now. To better understand this new feature let’s say you want to buy a smartphone from a shopping site. The new API stores your credit card information and when you are on that site and your payment information is needed, you just have to give the site permission to access that payment data and Voila!, your details are automatically inserted.

“Add to home screen” function is another interesting one. Web apps will act more like native apps and have their own entries in the Task Switcher. With the updated New Tab Page, the new Chrome experience is inspiring.

Google Chrome 31.0.1650.59 will arrive in Google Play the next few days.

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