How to Better Manage your Time with Self Control for Study

Do you also have to take some measures when it comes to your Internet usage? You may find that it’s a bit harder than you first thought as long as old habits die hard. For those of you who need some help at this chapter, there are some software programs that may help you achieve your goal this year.

You can use them to help you concentrate while you work on your computer, to cure internet addictions and help you better manage your time for cooking, reading, spending time with your family or studying. So what do you say; do you like the idea?

Self Control for Study is an incredibly powerful application for Android that can help you at this chapter. This productivity tool helps you focus on what is important and prevents you from getting distracted by your Android handset. To be more precise, for a specified period of time the execution of apps banned in order to help to focus a little more.

When you execute apps for a specified period of time, phone screen will switch to studying time display automatically. Even though this happens, keep in mind that all basic telephone functions such as phone call and SMS, are always executable.

After setting weekly and daily, graphs can be displayed, so you will check if you are making any progress or if your smartphone addiction is more serious than anticipated.

Self Control for Study can do all these, but I must want you about the fact that like most apps of these days, this one also contains ads. To get version with no ads, find “Self Control Plus” at the Google Play Store and I bet that you will find it even more appropriate for your needs.

However, give a try to free version at first, just to be sure that this is what you are looking for! Self Control for Study can be downloaded from here.