Verizon to Release Google Chromecast

In July, Google, the giant search engine company introduced a little dongle called Chromecast. The handset cost only $35, but it offered something truly special, something interesting and useful in the same time. It was sold in a matter of hours especially since it was offering 3 months of Netflix downloads for free, even for existing customers. Now, Verizon, another retailer, is selling Chromecast $35 TV dongle. Just like Motorola, Amazon and Google Plat, who already started selling the device, Verizon has decided to enlist the Chromecast accessory on their online address.

As I mentioned earlier, it appears that the Chromecast – Verizon deal is only online for now, and in the same time, it includes a free shipping offer, which can turn out to be more than a nice gift idea. Therefore, Verizon decided to become a part of the big suppliers who are selling Google’s HDMI dongle for only $34.55, the same price users will find on Google Play, Best Buy store or even on the Motorola site. This is the standard price.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

The device is actually pretty easy to use. You only plug it into your HMDI outlet on your HDTV, add power via the USB port and just follow the instructions seen on the screen in order to start casting anything on your Chrome browser, smartphone, laptop or even tablet. This little amazing streaming device has become quite popular, and it has taken over the number one seller on Amazon, the Kindle Paperwhite.

If you are interested in its specifications, here is what you will enjoy once you buy the $35 dongle. Related to its weight, the device is only 34 grams with 72 x 35 x x12 mm. in what concerns the connectivity, Chromecast device can be connected through Wi-Fi, and it has to be connected through the USB port in order to get power.

When you buy the Verizon Chromecast package, you will receive the device itself, an USB power cable, Power Adapter and a HDMI extender. In the same time, it includes various apps built right into the menu such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Play Movies, Play Music and the recently added HBO Go.