Does Not Commute – one of the Best Strategy Games for Android

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Does not Commute is a game for those who claimed that they have seen it all. Does Not Commute is easily one of the best strategy games for Android and you have to try it out. What it’s supposed to be a relaxing commute in a small town from the 1970’s quickly devolves into much more than that and you will feel like a James Bond in your own driving adventure.

Does not Commute is a driving game that tasks you with navigating a car from one point to another. The car drives forward automatically, and you tap the right side of your screen to turn right, or the left side to turn left. This is far from complicated, even for those new to this genre, but after you successfully guide your first car across the neighborhood to its exit point, you’ll be asked to do the same with a second car with a new starting and ending point.

And that’s how things get complicated. After all, this is what we all want in a game, right? Every time you start a new car, you have to find a path to the exit that keeps you from ramming into your other vehicles as they replay the exact routes you just drove. There are 13 cars on the first level alone, so get ready for driving hot dog trucks, sports cars, school buses, ATVs, mopeds, boats and not only.

How can you succeed? Plan ahead and do your best not to be late. And learn from every single experience. After all, each vehicle that you are driving acts a little differently. For example you will see that garbage trucks hug tightly to corners, while others drift in wide arcs and you can use all these into your own advantage.

Even more, you can gain extra time by driving over tokens that appear on the map. They will always reward you with an additional few seconds to finish your commute, and they are essential in making sure that you’re able to reach higher levels because the timer carries over between each map, meaning any time you waste on the first level is time you won’t get back on the second. And the adventure also includes discovering the town’s characters and desires: can Mr. Baker finally quit his job in advertising or will Mr. Mayfield put an end to his obsession with Yorkshire Terriers? This humorously story will make your day, trust me on that!

The differences between the free version and the paid version of a game are mostly the ones that you are already used to. In general, the free version is ad supported, while the paid one is not. However, Does Not Commute breaks the rules this time as is can be enjoyed at no cost and free from ads. An optional premium upgrade is indeed available through a one-time in-app purchase, but this will enable the ability to continue from checkpoints and has nothing to do with any ads.

Take Does Not Commute from here and have fun!

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