Use the Important Call feature on Galaxy S8

Everyone knows about the Note 7 disaster. The Samsung smartphone battery (that the company praised as being able to last longer) began to smoke and in just a few seconds it was engulfed in flames. In the Note 7 story, it took Samsung months to come with the big change: a handset that promises to establish a new standard for what a 2017 premium smartphone. Have you also chosen the Galaxy S8 smartphone?

Then, you don’t me to tell you the fact that the features of the new phone are some of the most innovative ones to date. Samsung had to hope its fans will not switch to other brands and even if reputation is everything in our world, the company still has a chance.

Therefore, here I want tell you more about some of the interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone that are likely to be tested by the users.

Then, let me tell you the fact that one of those features is the Important Call feature in its dialer app. When you want to let the callee know that you need to talk to them urgently, you can activate this option through the dialer app and he or she will definitely get the point.

When the Important Call feature is activated by the caller, the callee can see the Important Call tag in front the caller’s name. The person will then know that it’s an important call, so they won’t miss it even if they’re doing something else, if they are in a meeting and so on. The Important Call tag also shows up in the call log section, but there is something that I want to warn you about from the start.

Well, this feature just works between two Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ devices as of now, but maybe things will change in the future. You never know what might happen.

For more Galaxy S8 tips and tricks, check out our detailed tutorials here. I am sure that you don’t want to avoid exploring when being the owner of such a device. Am I making a mistake?

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