Face Filters are about to be added to Instagram Live Broadcasts

We have all seen Instagram adding various features such as Stories, live video, face filters and so on to overtake rival Snapchat. Some say that it succeeded, while others still believe that Snapchat rules, but one thing is for sure: the war between Instagram and Snapchat has started a new stage.

For example, Instagram introduced face filters a few months ago for posts and direct messages, and the Facebook-owned platform is making it available while live streaming. Face Filters are about to be added to Instagram Live Broadcasts and everyone is excited about this.

The feature appears to work almost exactly as you’d expect. They’re Face Filters — an entertaining overlay that follow you as you move — but soon you will use them in live broadcasts too.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network mentioned clearly in a blog post that face filters in Instagram Live videos will roll out globally over the next several weeks and trust me when I say that the instructions for enjoying the new feature are far from complicated: you must basically tap the face in the bottom-right corner before or during an Instagram Live broadcast, then tap any filter to enable it, and choose different ones as often as desired.

From what I know at this point, a sunglasses filter will be available only through live video and it allows users to tap on the glasses to change what scenery is reflected off of them. Facebook Live has such filters too and we know that they are fun, so shy not trying them out?

The Live Face Filters feature isn’t available just yet, though. It will be rolling out over the next several weeks, so be ready for the next change. I am sure that you never want to miss a thing. When it is finally out, you can access them via the face icon in the bottom right corner, either during your broadcast or before.

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