Get parallel access to multiple user accounts on the same app with 2Face – Multi Accounts

Prior to Facebook Messenger or Instagram adding multiple account support, I know that many of you got creative and started downloading modded APKs of the apps to be able to log in with different usernames on the same Android handset. However, this is only a limited solution as long as there are still plenty of apps which don’t allow you to use multiple accounts simultaneously.

If you love the idea of keeping separate IM or social accounts for your work and personal life, if you want to have two different progresses of the same app, if a watchface application only allows one setting and you want an easy way to switch without fiddling with the preferences each time, if you need sub-accounts for your games and so on, let me tell you that 2Face – Multi Accounts can help you.

If you’re after an app that can offer parallel access to multiple user accounts on the same app, look no further since this one brings you just what you have in mind.

Developed by CleanMaster (NYSE:CMCM), this 2Face – Multi Accounts app lets you enjoy instant simultaneous access to two accounts on your social, gaming and messaging platforms on a single device. You basically have the possibility to easily switch between different user accounts with a simple tap.

The first and foremost advantage of the app is the fact that you can receive notifications from various accounts simultaneously! Yes, that’s possible with 2Face – Multi Accounts. And you should also know about that the notification shortcut allows easy switching between different user accounts, therefore you can have countless fun with one app on a single device.

Warning: Let me tell you that any sub-accounts added may not function well if 2Face is blocked, killed or uninstalled. Therefore, you need to add 2Face to your booster app’s white list if you have one and enjoy it as you should with no restrictions to worry about.

Waste no more time and grab the 2Face – Multi Accounts app.