A New app called Notifly by FlyperIn can make the Difference

Today I want to tell you more about a new app called Notifly by FlyperIn. Thisn basically provides a new way to read notifications and also reply to notifications. Don’t tell me that I haven’t made you at least a bit curious!

There were times when you did not want to quit your current app, but also need to quick reply to a message. This is where Notifly steps in and makes a difference; a huge difference I can say.

The app that I am telling you about does much more than simply allowing you to respond to a notification, but also its main defining feature allows you to respond to notifications from anywhere on your phone with the help of the Notifly bubbles. These pop up for a respective app at the edge of the screen once you receive a notification, without leaving the app you are currently using like, for example, while playing the game that you love playing in your free time. And the best part is that the app currently Notifly supports Twitter, Plus Messenger, CloudMagic, Telegram, Line, Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, VK, Tango, KakoTalk, GroupMe, Threema, textPlus, Textra, Yaata, ChompSMS, QKSMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Gmail and Inbox.

All you must do is to tap the Notifly bubble and be sure that it will show you your notification in a small pop-up window. Here is your chance to reply to a message or notification without even entering the app or interrupting that favorite game you are currently playing, not to mention all the options to jump straight into the app and respond there.

How can you close a certain notification? Well, you have to tap the three dot menu and you have the option to either block a notification or close it altogether. And you can also choose to press and hold and then drag and drop the bubble into the red trash icon found at the bottom of your screen.

Grab Notifly by FlyperIn right away.