Gratus provides Motivation when you might be Feeling Down

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Have you heard that Francisco Franco has released a new app: Gratus? I must tell you right from the start the fact that this app is a bit hard to describe, but it’s meant to provide the motivation that you need when you might be feeling down. After all, the app’s complete name is Gratus – promoting good vibes and positivity, being ideal to remind you that you must appreciate life all the time.

As the developer claims, Gratus offers a simple interface to encourage to write about all the things we’re most grateful for. To be more precise, it’s a list that you populate of all the things you enjoy. A tap in the app is all that you basically need in order to be taken to a composition screen to enter things you appreciate into your list.

From there you can tag the things you are grateful for into categories, provide detailed info and even attach images. So, if you have a party planed for the next days or an event, have fun and snap photos to keep the memories alive.

So, there are people who need therapy, others use medication and many could find Gratus – promoting good vibes and positivity as being perfect to manage their sadness and depression. After all, this is an app that encourages you to think outside the box, see how life is, remember what matters and apply different approaches to improve your mood.

Despite of the fact that the app is free, you should know the fact that there is a single IAP (2,49€) for additional features such as a configurable widget, ongoing notifications which are periodically cycled, daily reminders, extra security via a code or fingerprint to access the app and more. What are you waiting for?

Gratus – promoting good vibes and positivity waits for you here. Grab it and enjoy it!

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