LG to Release G2 Mini With An 800 Snapdragon Processor

It seems that there is a trend in launching “mini” handsets on the market these times. After Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony has made a habit out of releasing mini smartphones which seemed to have been successfully, LG thought that it was high time they delivered their little cannonball, which might be the expected LG G2 Mini. In a report, the Greek gadget site Techblog, stated that LG is doing some magic work on its smaller LG G2 version. The report also suggests that we cannot rely on the final name G2 Mini, until an official statement from LG.

As our source mentions, the LG G2 Mini would arrive with the same old but gold 800 Snapdragon CPU with 2 GB of RAM. Its display would be visible lower than the 5.2 inch-display of its fellow flagship LG G2, meaning a 4.7-inch screen, without stating the resolution of the display yet.

LG to Release G2 Mini with an 800 Snapdragon Processor

LG to Release G2 Mini with an 800 Snapdragon Processor

According to the same report, the “mini” might be launched in January next year at Las Vegas. Since we know so little about the device, we could expect the G2 Mini to have the same power buttons or the volume at the back, just like its 5.2 inch display. Or maybe…not? No one knows for sure yet.

To refresh your memory, the LG launched LG G2 worldwide in August this year, featuring a 5.2-inch display, full-HD resolution and powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. It offers 2 GB of RAM and storage options of 16GB and 32GB. Since the LG G2 is supposed to have quite the same basic features as its bigger version, it would be no surprise for us all to love the minion device and praise it for its hardware performance and amazing apps that it would have. We will stay sharp and keep you posted on the following news.