Samsung Sold 10 Million Galaxy Note 3 In Just 60 Days

Samsung is „on big horses” and is ready for a party. Its „baby”, Galaxy Note 3, sold 10 million units in two months. These success was predictable as the first Note ( 2011 ) was adored by its fans for the big screen and the S Pen stylus and an unique and different user experience. Then Note 2 and Note 1 had little over 10 million units sold but in a long period of time. The sales are double that those of Galaxy Note II, and bigger than Galaxy S4 with its 50 days to hit this huge sales number.

To have a better image of the Note 3 movement on the market, in 28 days from its release, the Note 3 sold more than 5 million units and has arrived on 82 new markets around the world since September. More, the Galaxy Note 3 is already on shops in 58 countries from all over the world
According to our source Samsung posted with the 10 million announce an infographic named “10 million seller club”, where fans would see every mobile phone that sold 10 million units.

Samsung Sold 10 Million Galaxy Note 3 In Just 60 Days

Samsung Sold 10 Million Galaxy Note 3 In Just 60 Days

If we look on the infographic, we can easily see that, besides Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, the SGH-T100, SGH-E700, and SGH-D500 managed to sell 10 million units. For 2014, the Samsung team left just a rhetorical question: “Which will be our next 10 million seller?”. Probably the next 10 million seller will be Samsung Galaxy S5, arriving in 2014, with its 64-bit processor, a 5in 2K resolution display, a Touch ID style fingerprint scanner and a 20MP rear-facing camera.

First time Samsung had 10 million sales was in 2010, when Galaxy S was revealed, continuing with S2, S3 and S4 in the next years. Note 3 will have a Merlot Red and Rose Gold version in the near feature, and also a Lite version.

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