Hide the Home Button on Galaxy S8 Always-On Display

Customizing the Always On Display of your Galaxy S8 is a must. You basically have to head to Settings, Lock screen and security, then to Always On Display and as you know, there are no less than six different main clock styles to choose from: digital clock, analog clock, world clock, calendar, image, as well as edge clock. They’re all pretty self-explanatory, so the choice is all yours, just as the fact that the story continues.

After all, thanks to the organic screen technology Samsung uses, it can power some pixels all of the time without wasting battery life and there’s much more to know about this “always on” display.

Don’t you know how to hide the home button on the Galaxy S8 and its always-on display? Well, the home button is always on this screen too, which doesn’t look that great, so I know why you are here.

Learn to Hide the Home Button on Galaxy S8 Always-On Display:

  1. First of all, you must pull down the notification bar;
  2. Then, you must hit the gear-shaped settings button;
  3. Find and select Lock screen & Security;
  4. Scroll down and tap on Always On Display (not the switch);
  5. Tap Content to Show;
  6. Then, you must select Clock or Information;
  7. It is up to you to choose what content you want to see. Samsung provides various choices for the calendar, clock, or background. Then, you can tap the first option to choose what is actually shown on the screen;
  8. Select the option that says “content to show”;
  9. Also make sure to select Clock or information;
  10. Now, you won’t get burn-in or see the home button at all on the screen. Keep in mind that the virtual home button still works, even when the screen is off. You just don’t see it at this point, but you can press where it would be, and you’ll still be able to quickly wake up your Galaxy S8 device.

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