How to Hard Reset Galaxy S4

Here we have something that many Galaxy S4 owners might be interested about. If you are one of those people who simply love to explore their handset as much as possible with various unofficial operations like installing a custom recovery image, updating with a custom ROM, or gaining root access, there are some chances to have damaged your handset, but there is no reason to be worried about this aspect.

There is something that you can do in order to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 return to its original state; yes, as you have anticipated, we are talking about hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy S4, but this isn’t the only case when this procedure can make miracles – in that matter learn how to enter recovery mode on Galaxy S4 too.

If you have filled your handset with lots of bloatware and now it doesn’t work as before or if you are worried that your Galaxy S4 has been affected by a virus, hard resetting it is once again the method that we are strongly recommending.

And don’t forget that if you are about to sell your phone and want to wipe your personal data, all you should do is a hard reset and your wish will come true (literally!); we are saying that as long as this is what a hard reset/factory reset is all about after all: deleting your current data and configuration when you need it the most. But we have to clarify some aspects even from the start:

Preparatory steps:

  • Remember that a reset is a permanent action and it cannot be undone; be sure that this is what your Samsung Galaxy S4 really needs and proceed only if you aren’t a newbie;
  • Factory resetting may brick your Galaxy S4 phone if you don’t follow all the steps in correct order. In these conditions, we cannot be blamed in if you brick your phone; you are still the only one responsible of that;
  • This procedure will erase all personal data from your Samsung Galaxy S4, but this doesn’t include your memory card. So, you should perform a backup first of all you might think that it is important (contacts, call logs, text messages, music files) in case of wanting to use them later as well;
  • This tutorial is available for all Samsung’s Galaxy S4 versions, so don’t try it on any other handset; the methods have been tested only on this handset;
  • Your Galaxy S4 must be 70% charged or more if you want to avoid any unpleasant situation of seeing it how it powers off in the middle of the resettting procedure or even bricking it,

This site won’t be responsible of any damages that might occur to your Galaxy S4 while hard resetting it; proceed only if you know what you are doing and properly follow each step in the given order:

How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S4 (from Recovery Mode, by powering off the device):

  1. Start by powering off your handset;
  2. Then, boot it in Recovery Mode;
  3. Select the ‘Wipe data/Factory reset’ option;
  4. Now, select the ‘Yes — delete all user data’ option;
  5. Press Power in order to confirm the operation;
  6. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone when the hard reset is completed. This can take a few minutes, but don’t worry; this is exactly what it should happen.

How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S4 from TouchWiz UI (this method doesn’t include powering off the smartphone):

  1. Open the Settings menu and go to Accounts tab;
  2. Tap on the ‘Backup and Restore’ option;
  3. Then, it’s time to press the ‘Reset Device’ option, followed by ‘Continue’ (if your Samsung Galaxy S4 is locked, then you will need to enter your PIN or password);
  4. Finally, you just have to press ‘Delete All’ to confirm the hard reset operation.

Like that, you have successfully learned how to hard reset/factory reset your Galaxy S4, so now, a bricked Android device or one that doesn’t run as smooth as you might want isn’t a problem anymore. And don’t forget to share your thought and opinions in the comments area bellow!

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